My first post

So now it's official - I feel like I came out of the closet or something. I've always held my thoughts tightly to my own brain and let only my rational and irrational part of it to have a dialogue over all the things that I perceive and accumulate about/in the world.

I've decided to write a blog about my artistic approaches & struggles and all my struggles as a human being as well.

In case some of you may wonder why am I writing this in English and not in my own mother tongue (Estonian) then here are the answers - * I'm living together with a person who considers his first language English; * I'm reading all the books and webpages in English (because most books that I need to read are not translated into smaller languages); * It's nice to have two languages that you can be fluent in; * And finally - your audience is way bigger than only the population of your birth country and that might be useful someday when you have something really important to say or show :)

I'm having a really sunny day here in eastern Finland today. Sunny in my head too.