Things I've learned recently

Always when someone asks what I'm up to these days one part of my answer is that I've been reading.

I'm reading to learn something and to alter my mind and to get better at being a human being. Obviously.

So what have I learned:

  • we are responsible for our emotions, no one else is. I remember myself crying over many things that my dad told me when I was younger and I used to always blame him for hurting me. It's not reasonable to put blame only on one side in a dialogue. Apparently if you don't know it then you do it. But it's feeding the ego's need for attention and from that a really stupid thing grows out - victimising yourself.
  • reading really specific books on different topics teach how to experience knowledge. Only after knowledge becomes an experience from being a theory it becomes yours and you can live it and share it. Because what use there is to knowledge if it stays only in the realm of theory?
  • one book I'm reading now is Jed McKenna's Theory of Everything. I can feel physicly how my perspective is been streched wider from the sides and even from the middle between the cells. It's painful even, painful as hell to try to accept is as true what he's saying, would be really easy to just throw it away as bullshit and not bother. It's a mind-twisting book. I've been on 75% for a week now.
  • Lynda Barry's What It Is has taught me that sitting around and waiting for a good idea or even sitting behind your paper and trying to make yourself produce a perfect picture or idea of a text is a pretty pointless form of selftorture. Put your pen moving and follow it. And relax. Because stress makes you stressed and then what comes out is stressed art.
  • Mel Robbins's Tedx talk taught me that we are never gonna feel like stepping out and doing what we need to do. Same as waking up in the morning.
  • from Steven Pressfield's Turning Pro I have gotten a mindset that inspiration comes only when you sit your ass down and start working. (Similar to what Lynda Barry and Mel Robbins say).
  • there are times to gather and there are times to work and when you work then you don't wait for any further inspiration, then you use what you have piled up and see where it brings you. They are like two different mindsets and being in one of them you shouldn't question the other.
  • from Markus I've learned recently that people can change if they sit their asses down and get to it.

Thats that for today. I better get my ass back to my Kindle.