Beetroot hummus for breakfast
porgandi orsoto
pasta a la melanzane + oven cauliflower
Cooking with Olli in Inspiratsioon
50/50 tatra & rukki jahust juurestisega leib
couscous with very wild pesto!
chocolate oatmeal cookie
Texture map
simple pleasures
Green curry at The Gate with Nylund family
Lentil & sweet potato soup with dandelion
Tomato, eggplant & zucchini turning into a perfect pasta sauce
Beetroot chickpea hummus with chickpea basil sauce and veggies
boosting-up-the-winter salad!
veggies, chickpea masala, zucchini fried with polenta, curry-vinegar cherry tomatoes with chickpea-basil mayo on top of it all!
winter comfort food :)
Handmade Burger Co. Veganuary offer - two veg burgers for one. It was good.
pizza making with Janina
color spectrum of raw vegetables
Vegan spaghetti bolognese
Vegan pasta bolognese with quorn (mycoprotein)
Playing with spaghetti
Rice and falafels in London's King's Cross trainstation
Best icecream in England!
crispbread with cashew cream and hummus
vegan burger
Blueberry cake made by Markus's mom
Green beans, carrot+cabbage, sweet potato fries, quinoa, salad
spicy tomato-mushroom broth on rice with spinach and dried wakame
chocolate-oat cookies! yammm
cinnnnammmon rrrrolls
improvised pizza-pie with oven grilled veggies by Tarja
karjala rice pies
oven roasted butternut squash filled with baked vegetables and wheat berries
Karjala rice pie with scrambled tofu cream sheese cream
pumpkin soup with indian spices, garlic croutons and leek
vegan pancakes, maple syrup and tom waits
grilled eggplant in garlic-soy-farin marinade and sweetpotato french fries
1,5h oven potatoes, butternut squash and raw salad
Split pea soup with dried mushrooms
Simple raisin-cinnamon-maple-syrup rolls
blueberry, steamed and oven'ed potatos with teriyaki sauce, red cabbage, sesame seeds
burger from mouthwatering vegan
pizza with tomato, zuccini, eggplant, sundried tomato... mm mm mmm
Silvoplee restaurant Helsinki
Last dinner in Thailand - rice with mushrooms and seaweed
tofu, mushrooms, rice, salad, vegetables, seaweed
green lentil soup with spinach!
vegan food in Thai Plum Village
brown rice, improvised curry, pesto bread
oatmeal, rice milk, raspberries
Best cheese ever
really good for vegan cooking
One of my favourite flavours of tofu - smoked. Available in Finland.
cinnamon rolls with raisins
thin veggie cutlets, oven potatoes, mushed tomato sauce
J Oliver's 30 min meals cookbook tomato soup with guacamole made by Tarja
oven veggies + thai mushroom sauce & garlic
zuccini, lemon, chickpea, pesto, veg cheese pasta
spicy Chinese noodle-black-bean soup
kidney bean-tomato-balsamic vinegar-mushroom soup with oat cream on top!
jerusalem artichoke and parsnip soup, kale chips on top
kale chips. put them on puree soups or use just as snak
carrot, tomato and dried wakame salad for having just as a salad or on top of a puree soup!
making of the ''3 different apple'' crumble pie
apple crumble pie served with banana, vanilla custard and blueberries
making of the yummy carrot cake, 30 min in the oven and ready!
yummy carrot cake!
Jumbo-oat porridge, flax, ricemilk, raisins
Lentil soup
chocolate cookie + rice milk
oven veggies, whole wheat couscous, kale chips & amazing sunflower seed sauce
Vegan burgers and fries in Janina's place in Newark (UK)
Oven curry with butternut squash from Deliciously Ella
Traditional falafels. Had them with quinoa, steamed broccoli and a drop of ketchup :)
InSpiral is now Campbells Canal Cafe. Check it out in Camden, London!
Banana maple syrup granola. My first. My best.
It's not the best photo, but one of the best foods still. Black beans in coconut-soy sauce, oven potatoes, leftover butternut squash curry, Linda McCartney's vegan sausage and orange salad
Lasagna with silken tofu sauce
Moroccan vegetable tagine
Muffin from Greenwich food market
Experimenting with carrot cake
Coconut whipped cream by uncle Jaanus + carrot cake
Flatbread and pico de gallo
Ants on a log
Breakfast on the lawn
Waitrose vegan food feast
Jamie's Italian Restaurant
Evening tea
Breakfast in the backyard
Wild Food Cafe Stef & Tom
New super salad at Wild Food Cafe
Spring menu tasting at Wild Food Cafe
With Ben, Tom, Hanna, Elizabeth & Markus
Improvised couscous with Eva-Maria
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